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The path to a modern decentralised and secure energy supply infrastructure places special demands on the operators of photovoltaic systems, among others. Especially with §9 and §20 of the EEG 2017, operators are required to make their systems remotely controllable for the grid operator and the direct marketer. Today, remote controllability primarily means that the plant can be controlled remotely with regard to active power. In addition, remote control signals from the grid operator may have to be implemented in order to control the reactive power. The technical implementation can vary considerably here due to the project-specific conditions.

With the entry into force of VDE-AR-N 4110, the park control system used for systems > 135 kVA must have a component certificate. Solarpraxis Engineering GmbH uses the Solarpraxis Q-Reader 602 for this purpose.

In addition to the interests of the grid operator and the direct marketer, the owner’s claim to operate an optimal and efficient photovoltaic system must not be missing. This requires a monitoring system that ensures that all relevant system data arrive at the Operation & Maintenance without losses and in the highest temporal resolution.

In the broad field of PV system controllability, we have developed products that cost-efficiently and reliably implement the specific specifications of the grid operator, the direct marketer and the Operation & Maintenance portal depending on the inverters of numerous suppliers. Our Solarpraxis Q-Reader 602 is the central interface between the grid operator, direct marketer, feed-in meter, protection devices, inverters, weather stations and much more.

Whatever technical solution you need, ask us and we will design the optimal product for you. Even though our core business is in the field of photovoltaics, we welcome new projects in the field of CHP, wind and storage systems to assist you with our flexibility, competence and reliability.

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