Operations and Maintenance at common standard


Currently the operation and maintenance in the photovoltaic market is not based on a common standard. Every O&M provider is offering his own standard. Generally most of the providers are based only on monitoring of the pv plants.


Solarpraxis Engineering GmbH is trying to establish an own way, to provide an overall service. Things that are standard in the industry should also be established in the O&M business.


O&M at Solarpraxis Engineering GmbH is related to the standard Industrie Norm DIN EN 13306. This way offers the client a transparency regarding processes, organisation and general terms and delivers a full service including maintenance, reporting, consulting, planning and management. Solarpraxis Engineering GmbH offers:

  • permanent staffed control room
  • provision of the nominated person in control of an electrical facility
  • independence of monitoring solutions, manufacturer, etc.
  • qualified staff
  • measurment equipment
  • own surveyors, consultants, planners

Take an advantage of our experience and reliabilty in the area of monitoring, reporting, maintenance and improvement. Due to hundreds of planned, constucted and analysed megawatts we are close to assurer, banks and manufacturers.

Überwachung und Dokumentation bei der Technischen Betriebsführung von PV-Anlagen


Our services:

  • Technical Advisor
  • Support of commercial management
  • Monitoring
  • provision of the nominated person in control of an electrical facility
  • Management of maintenance
  • Reporting
  • Lifetime document of your plant

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